Sunday, October 11, 2009


Tahniah diucapkan kepada Tan Sri Isa dan juga jentera Barisan Nasional yang memastikan kemenangan besar di Bagan Pinang.
Kepada pengundi yang mahukan pembaharuan juga diucapkan syabas dan tahniah yang menyebabkan tsunami kemenangan besar Barisan Nasional.
Mandat yang diberikan yang jauh lebih besar membuktikan yang pengundi yang dulu mengundi pembangkang kini mahukan perubahan. Bukan kata kata kosong tanpa bukti dan juga mainan fitnah yang tidak kemana. Buat Tan Sri Isa sekalung tahniah dan buktikanlah pada rakyat di Bagan Pinang yang pilihan mereka tidak silap
Syabas dan tahniah

Selepas ni minta2 Ta Sri Isa terajui N9 semula...baru ada ummmphh
isa konola pogang tangan dgn tok mat ..tapi raso eh tumbang tok mat nih
Isa takkan jd MB NS semula ttp Tuk Sahak favourite!
The very foundation of Umno are lies - lies about May 13 riot, lies about secularity of constitution, lies about special right, lies about supremacy of court, and of course lies about the NEP.

How can our accountability and transparency not be limited by the very lies of the foundation of our governance?
Got NEP, you complain! Abolish NEP, you make noise!

Become Ali Baba, you lament! Ask you to work hard, you don't want!

And you keep on blaming other communities for everything!

"Pathetic" is the word my malay friends!
Only a pure moron will think that PR government can win the BN government in terms of corruption and abusing power.

A brainless guy is not even a wakil rakyat but now he is suddenly become the (shameless) speaker.

Hello Ganesan, tell me face to face, how low can you go?
It is a sad story for both Sabah and Sarawak for joining Malaysia. Just look at Brunei and Singapore to see the answer.

Sabah and Sarawak is being raped by Malaya till dry, all the oil and timber from the two states is being used to finance all the failed projects and also to feed all the Umno zealots.

Ask the Iban and Kandazan, they are being marginalized. Now the government even want to make the country into an Islamic state, did Sabah and Sarawak agree to join an Islamic state in the first place?

September 16 is a day for mourning, a day of shame for Malaysia.
I beg to differ on what had been wriiten on NEP and also the blame that people put on the Malays. I f you feel you don't like it, you are welcome to leave our beloved country Malaysia and go back to you own country. (That is if they accept you) UMNO is here to protect what the Malaya have and we Malays have worked hard too.

You can only say what is in your mind but you cannot prove it with statistics because you know it is all lies. So please check your facts and also the history before making anymore more stupid racist comments.

Please look at the crime rates that has benn on the rise especially due to secret socities. Are the secret societies founded by the Malays? Look at how the secret societies work and tell us they do not practise violence.

When you are narrow-minded, you tend to see only one side of the story. Human beings are not perfect and Malays are not to be blamed. If other races do not come into Malaysia and rob what ever we have, we will be better off than what we are today.

Stop making racist remarks and work towards achieving 1 Malaysia. If we are willing to accept and accomodate other races in this country, (which has taken lots of opportunity from us Malays), I don't see why you have to complain when you are getting it at good bargains.

The work of keeping races apart is not the work of UMNO but the British who has colonised Malaysia. FARGOWIN... you really don't know the Malaysian history and yet you want to give your opinion. That's why we are encounraged to read and analyse. Don't offer your comments to make you look STUPID!

Don't you ever bring religion in this argument when you don;t even know anthing about Islam. You are the moron and also the lazy donkey because you don't read, understand and analyse.
from my point of view its useless to argue with this kind bunch of moron who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment.

just copy paste
Looks like the morons in UMNO/BN never learns!
If malays are so unhappy in this land, they are free to go back to Indonesia, nobody stop them.

They are laughed at by everyone in this world for being lazy, stupid, useless morons.

If we want a good country – we must destroy the Umno party first.
looks like the bunch of moron simply dont get it..malay always proud and happy..thats y your latok your lenek come here

syohhhh syohhh
tok isa dan sahak tak payah mimpi la nak jadi mb lagi terjual ns adolah. dah terbukti dan tak ada org boleh nafikan. jual tanah yo kojo ae dulu he he he
Julee, Miya, Coolooc & Ruyum..... You stupid asshole... Please don't write in this website anymore! Your stupid & shallow comment make us wanna puke!!! You wanna know what the problems here is? You are the problems!!!

The malay has make malaysia what it is now. The MALAY's LEADER since Tunku till Najib now has make malaysia a nicest place to live!! Compared to Singapore, which is full of unnecessary rules & regulation, always had to pay for everything, malaysia had brought you up till you know how to use the computer & know how to write into this website you MORONS...!!!

You stupid bunch of idiots, please be more courtious like the malays... It what make us diffrent from the rest...!!!

You'll still didn't get it, If in Singapore, you guys will surely be call in for by the gov't! Do you sincerly think that the gov't didn't know who you are!!??? But this is Malaysia... We are free to express our thought, BUT..... to a limit... Don't push us to the wall...You might regret it!

I wish u'll all the best in your futuire undertakings.....
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