Thursday, June 05, 2008

I CHARGE Jawapan Kepada Petrol Yang Mahal

Jimat petrol dan memanjangkan lifespan engine kereta kita

Hyundai Matrix-KL-KUALA TERENGGANU RM60 ini sbl minyak naikla

Boleh check kita punya plug dan minyak engine bila dah guna.Terbukti berkesan untuk kereta

Kancil,Myvi, perdana, wira, iswara, honda civic,accord, swift, Nazaria dan macam2 kereta la

i-CHARGE Voltage Stabilizer has the following three systems
Voltage Stabilizer System
Interference Reducer System
Battery Doctor System

• Fuel saving
• Better RPM response
Increase engine torque
• Engine power up
Optimized all electronic devices in car

Faster throttle response, engine power up.
• Reduce car CPU noise signal, improve CPU reaction time, improve electronic efficiency.
• Smoother gear shift on automatic car.
• Improve engine power, better acceleration response, hence improve fuel saving.
• Maximize ignition efficiency, easier engine start.
• Prolong engine and electrical device life-span.
• Easy installation, totally DIY, the first choice for ladies drivers.
• Universal for all cars and motorcycles
• Reduce noise with built in noise filter, improve sound system performance.
• Equipped with double fuse protection, for better product life and safety.
• Faster RPM response, it gives you powerful acceleration even when your car's air condition turn on to maximum load.
• Cleaner exhaust emission on HC and CO gas. So more environment friendly.
• Twelve (12) months Limited Product Warranty.


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