Friday, September 21, 2007

AL FATIHAH Buat Adik Nurin Jazlin Jazimin


KUALA LUMPUR: The body of the missing girl Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, 8, was finally laid to rest at the Ibu Kota Muslim Cemetery in Taman Danau Kota on Friday.
She was buried at around 2.25pm after which the talqin (burial rituals) was recited at 2.32pm.
It was an emotional scene as scores of solemn faces of all races paid their last respects to Nurin and offered condolences to the family.
Tears and sweat trickled down Jazimin's face as he eventually broke down and hugged his wife Norazian Bistaman, who was crying and did not utter a word throughout the funeral.
Earlier in the day, Jazimin, Nurin's father, was calm and composed when he claimed Nurin's body at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur mortuary at around 11.15am.
Jazimin, who was clad in a baju melayu and black trousers, was accompanied by family members and relatives.
He evaded reporters and sped off in a hearse that was carrying Nurin's body.
They arrived at the the Madrasah As Sa'adah in Section One, Wangsa Maju where Nurin's body was brought for the prayer for the deceased at around noon.
Jazimin told reporters that he willingly accepted the DNA results, which proved that his wife's DNA and his matched that of the body found stuffed in a sports bag on Monday.
The prayer for the deceased was conducted after the Friday prayers before Nurin's body was brought to the burial ground.
At least 400 people including family, relatives, friends and well-wishers regardless of race and age expressed their condolences at the madrasah.
Roads leading to the madrasah were congested with a few police personnel manning the traffic and there was a long queue of cars looking for parking.
On Thursday, Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar confirmed that the results of the DNA test done on the blood sample taken from the dead girl matched that of Jazimin, 33, and his wife Norazian, 35.
Both parents were at first adamant that the body found stuffed in a sports bag was not their daughter, saying the body did not look like Nurin.
The parents said that Nurin had a scar on her thigh and that her teeth did not have gaps like that found on the body.

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